Setting up shop

Posted by Ashlee Silva on

I am currently on Day 2 of setting up shop. I have gone through several templates and have also changed images and texts ALL. OVER. THE. SITE. It is not easy, but it also is not difficult. This is just a different program than what I have used before. It is fun and challenging! I am enjoying figuring out how to use this site and having the freedom to customize as I want.

For now, I have stopped designing stickers so that I can get my shop ready for a preview next weekend for those in my group. My new blade should be here on Monday, so all I can do right now is print for while working on the site. I will start cutting during the week.

I have uploaded all of the School Days stickers and kits that I have created, except for one. I need to make some tweaks and then I can upload it.

I'm excited for this new venture and I hope you come back to see what I have created.

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